About RapidEngage

RapidEngage is the best way to collect customer insights on your website to improve your business.

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Our Story

We have set out to solve the problem that every website owner faces... how to increase engagement. This could mean more signups, conversions, pageviews, sales, or revenue. Having deep experiences in driving engagement with our last company, TweetPhoto then Plixi, we're applying the lessons learned from that business to introduce the construct of Engagement Layers to website owners.

These layers easily allows website owners to drive user's behaviors to attain what is most important to their business. And the best part is that it requires no technical knowledge to implement these real-time Engagement Layers.

We are based in the EvoNexus incubator in San Diego, and working diligently to bring you a tool-suite that will drive your website engagement to a higher level.

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